Taking beautiful pictures is our passion.

Chris Fulton
Louise Randall
Whether in the busyness of a modelling shoot or amongst the excitement of a stunning wedding, we look for those moments that capture something special; a look, a glance, a pose, a smile.

We've found the best results come from our clients feeling comfortable and at ease - and so we know how important it is to create a stress-free environment.

A bit about us...

Chris has been playing with film and digital cameras since his school days, which are fast becoming a distant memory. He once joined an earnest group of friends in taking a photograph every day for a year, and says that's what started him down the road towards professional photography - "practice makes perfect".

Louise can usually be found behind a lens much bigger than her face, which makes identifying her quite easy. She likes babies and anything fluffy.

Eve often works alongside Chris at weddings, where she likes to put her imagination to work and come up with better photos than him. It's not a competition. Honest.
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